BCCCD 2011

Date: January 14-16, 2011

Venue: art'otel Budapest

Program chair: Ágnes Melinda Kovács


Ellen M. Markman (Stanford University)
How children generalize what they have learned: Factors that affect the scope, importance, and robustness of generalization

Josep Call (MPI, Leipzig)
Memory and meta-memory in the great apes


Integrated approaches to phonological and lexical development 
Laura Bosch and Marta Ramon-Casas (Universitat de Barcelona)
Dan Swingley (University of Pennsylvania)
Thierry Nazzi and Nayeli Gonzalez Gomez
Marilyn Vihman (University of York)

Development of social cognition in the first two years of life
Ágnes M. Kovács (CEU, Budapest)
James Stack (Lancaster University)
Ulf Liszkowski (MPI, Nijmegen)
Beate Sodian, Claudia Thoermer, Susanne Kristen and Hannah Perst (University of Munich)

Developmental origins of property ownership 
Sarah Brosnan (Georgia State University)
Patricia Kanngiesser, Nathalia Gjersoe and Bruce M. Hood (University of Bristol)
Philippe Rochat (Emory University)
Ori Friedman, Karen R. Neary (University of Waterloo)

Comparative aspects of social cognition: caveats and perspectives
Juliane Kaminsky (MPI Leipzig)
Shoji Itakura (Kyoto University, Department of Psychology)
Zsófia Virányi (Vienna University, Wolf Science Center)
József Topál (MTA, PKI, Hungary)