Our new Research Center for Children's Cognition (the KiKo Center) in Vienna has opened

April 25, 2022

Our new research lab - the Viennese counterpart of the Babylab in Budapest -  is called KiKo Forschungszentrum and we have welcomed the first babies in the Spring of 2022. We have also received a visit from a journalist of Der Standard, you may read the resulting article in the Science section of the newspaper here.

Our KiKo Lab comprises 6 sound-proof laboratory rooms and a large reception area.

The labs include 2 eye tracking setups (with Tobii® and Eyelink® systems),  an EEG lab (with an EGI® EEG system), a stage setup for live studies, and a behavioral lab with ceiling-mounted video cameras.

For the forseeable future we plan to run studies in our Vienna as well as our Budapest labs in parallel.