CEU is moving from Budapest to Vienna

December 6, 2018

Many supporters of the CDC ask us what will happen to the center when CEU moves to Vienna

The short answer is that we will also move to Vienna, but not immediately.

For the longer answer, one has to understand that, due to new legislations introduced last year in Hungary, from January 2019 CEU is not allowed to admit new students to programs accredited by foreign authorities. The PhD degree that our graduate program awards to students is among the CEU degrees accredited in the US.

Thus, from September 2019, our new graduate students will enroll into their studies in Vienna. But present CDC students and postdocs continue working on their projects in Budapest, and the new students will join them in our labs when they start to run their own studies.

Moving a university to a different city is a logistical and financial challenge, and this especially applies to lab-based programs. The CDC will not be the first among the CEU units to move, but will also eventually relocate to Vienna. According to our present knowledge, the move will likely take place during the summer of 2021. We will keep all interested parties informed.